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Skin Care Towel

Skin Care Towel
Product Description

Size:34cm x 33.5cm

1. Allows skin to breathe healthily and take on a brand-new look

2. Simple and effective physical skin peeling

3. Nanofiber cleanses deep into pores, dries out acne, disposes of dulling dirt and dried up cells

4. Germanium releases negative ions to promote blood circulation and aid the absorption of skin care products

Color will be selected randomly at time of shipment based on availability.


Product Feature

Water is a natural and harmless cleansing product.


Water is one of the three elements of life that God bestowed upon mankind. Usually we feel that skin cannot be thoroughly cleansed with water alone. This is because the fiber of average traditional towels does not reach deep into the pores and they only dispose of dirt on the surface only. The Anion Skin Care Towel is composed of nanofibers that have a diameter 250 times smaller than the human hair. With it, cleansing products are no longer necessary to achieve the thorough cleansing of one’s facial skin. Simple, eco-friendly, and economical!


Skin Cleansing


Hazardous substances such as dust particles in the air, sebum produced by the sebaceous glands, dead skin cells, cosmetic powders, emulsifiers in cleansers, and chemical ingredients in cleaning products can be easily deposited in one’s pores. The lack of thorough cleansing is likely to cause dull skin tone and premature aging. The Anion Skin Care Towel wipes off harmful substances deep within the pores, allowing the skin to breathe healthily and take on a brand-new look.


Drying out acne


If not handled properly, annoying acne can easily lead to enlarged pores. Moisten the Anion Skin Care Towel with water and use it to gently massage using circular motions into the areas where acne is developing once a day everyday to clear it up and prevent it from flourishing again.


Increase skincare product absorption


It does not matter how high the quality your skin care products is if they are not well-absorbed. Pat the toner with an Anion Skin Care Towel using a gentle tapping motion onto the face to facilitate deep product absorption in one’s follicles and enhance moisturization and hydration. Anions released by germanium help promote blood circulation and enhance the skin's rate of absorption.


Thorough Removal of Residual Makeup


Residual chemicals may remain deep in the pores even after the cleansing procedures. Complete the regime through gentle wiping with the Anion Skin Care Towel to achieve thorough residual makeup removal.


Eliminating Sweat Smell / Body Odor


Anion helps to deodorize the unpleasant smells of sweat and body odor produced by bacteria living in the sweat inside of follicles. Dampen the Anion Skin Care Towel with water and use it to wipe your skin to achieve deep cleaning so that odor can be eliminated and embarrassing experiences brought by odor when coming into contact with others can be effectively reduced.