False Eye Lashes (About All-Belle)

All-Belle is one of the leading eyelashes manufacturer, who advocates fake eyelashes are all MIT (Made-in-Taiwan). Our principle is to provide the best and the highest quality false eye lashes for our customers. Advantages of All-Belle's false eyelashes are countless. For example, our eyelashes pass a number of stringent inspections of SGS inspection agency. And anti-bacteria Oxy-Fibre is our company's unique material. In addition, we also use medical-grade Gamma rays to sterilize all products to meet the strict safety requirements of SGS. All-Belle is firmly committed to quality. By numerous checking, we hope users can use our products without any misgivings only with safety. Users can rest assured that our sterilized lashes are ultra soft, easy to apply to, allergy reaction and infection resistant are tested. If you have any questions, please contact with us or browse our website for more.