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How To Use

Remove lashes from packaging and trim to 3/4 or 2/3 length of upper eyelid. Use both hands to mold lashes to shape of eye Apply glue evenly to strand of lashes
When glue is half dry (about 10 seconds), stick lashes to base of eyelid (as close as possible to the root of real lashes) Align lashes to curve of eyelid. Blink when the glue is dry to test adhesiveness. Perfect eye make-up is now complete.

Perfect eye make-up
The quality of the strand material and the perfect curve C of lashes require great professional skills. They are the key to the comfort level of usage, as well as to the lashes' physical appeal.

Defects of semi-manual plastic strand materials
1. Plasticized materials are thick and stiff, difficult to stay on and easy to fall off.
2. They feel unnatural and prickly on the eyelid. Tips of lashes are tapered and unnatural.
3. They can increase thickness of the lashes but will make the strand thicker and stiffer.

Defects of manual nylon strand
1. These are less stiff than plasticized strand but warp easily
2. They feel unnatural and prickly on the eyelid. The level of thickness is also limited.
3. They are often made from recycled materials

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