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Eyelash Manufacturer

All-Belle is an eyelash manufacturer and our products are entirely manufactured in Taiwan. MIT (Made-in-Taiwan) is our principal sales pitch, while anti-bacteria Oxy-Fibre is our company's unique material. To ensure outstanding product safety, we use medical-grade Gamma rays to sterilize all products to meet the rigorous safety requirements of SGS, All-Belle is firmly committed to quality. Users can rest assured that our sterilized lashes are ultra soft, easy to apply, allergy tested and infection resistant.

Characteristics of anti-bacteria Oxy-Fibre as primary material
The anti-bacteria Oxy-Fibre is so delicate that it requires superior skills to prevent breakage during the manufacturing process.

Characteristics of virgin synthetic fibre as secondary material
Individual lash hairs are made of single-use synthetic fibre without any component of recycled or added materials. Its coloring is therefore always consistent. Our ultra-lush lash products are the best in the world! The thickness of the lashes will not cause the strand to droop, change, warp, or break its end. Our present product line will expand from 80 to 400 in the future.